Kensington Stage Repair and Newport PM500 Stage Repair Services

Kensington stage repair 6000 Series & 8500 Series, Newport PM500 repair services

Increase repeatability and accuracy, and maximize the operating life of your Kensington and Newport PM500 stage systems with expert repair services that include:

  • Detailed trouble shooting, problem resolution, repair and performance optimization
  • Upgrades for components and firmware
  • Integrated stage repair and testing of both individual elements and full integrated stage systems
  • Kensington Laboratories 6000 Series and 8500 Series Stages
  • Newport Corporation PM500 and MPM500 Stages
  • See listing of semiconductor equipment with Kensington stages to envision how productivity can increase with Kensington’s repair services and certified spare parts.
  • Kensington’s Certificate of Conformance ensures your Kensington stage repair service and Newport PM500 repair service job is meticulously tested and returned to original operating specifications.