Kensington Robots and Stage Subassembly FRU

  • Kensington Robot Spares
    • Mechanical Subassemblies
    • Electrial Subassemblies
    • Sensor
    • Encoders Read Heads
  • Tri-CCD Modules, WFH Pre-Aligner
    • Pre-Aligners
      • Tri-CCD Modules
      • Lasers : Full Subassemblies
  • Stages Kensington 6000 and 8500, Newport PM500 Spares
    • Lead nuts
    • Read Heads

Certified Kensington Kensington robot spare and Newport PM500 spare field replaceble units (FRU) are maintained for obsdesence and manufactured with new components; FRUs are fully test with 1 year warranty.