Field Replaceable Spares: Kensington Robot, Kensington Stage, Newport PM500

Kensington FRUs, Kensington robot spare parts and Newport PM500 spare parts Field Replaceable Units, are designed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity and can be quickly and easily installed on-site by customers without special tools or testing. The Kensington robot spare and Newport PM500 spare FRU assemblies are the same components used for new Kensington robot and stage manufacturing and in the repair center, with additional testing for field replacement certification. A range of Kensington robot spare and Newport PM500 spare FRUs are available to keep your robots and stages up and running, including:


  • Axis cards which feature current versions of firmware
  • Single Board Computers (SBC) which feature current versions of firmware
  • Kensington M4000 Controller, Newport PM500 Controller


  • Robots – MultiLink and WFH
  • Tri-CCD Modules, WFH Pre-Aligner
  • CCD Modules for all MultiLink and stand alone pre-aligners
  • Stages – Kensington 6000 Series, Kensington 8500 Series and Newport PM500 Series


  • Available as new products for immediate installation
  • MultiLink Through-Beam End-Effectors
  • MultiLink Edge Grip End-Effectors
  • MultiLink Vacuum Grip End-Effectors
  • WFH robot paddles, double and single.