MultiLink SCARA Wafer Robot - Semiconductor Wafer Handling Robot

Robust, Reliable and Preventive Maintenance Free Atmospheric Wafer Handling and Quartz Substrate Handling System


Kensington’s Atmospheric MultiLink SCARA Wafer Handling Robots have addressed the needs for semiconductor wafer and quartz substrate handling for more than a quarter century. Key innovative features developed for semiconductor robot wafer handling : Through Beam Wafer Sensing; 300mm Edge-Grip End-Effector : Robot Self-Teach Functionality. MultiLink SCARA wafer robots are used across the semiconductor equipment spectrum : Metrology Systems; Deposition Systems; Etch Systems; Reticle Process Systems; Thermal Processing Systems.


  • SCARA Wafer Robot System – Multilink Wafer Handling Robot, 3 and 4 Axis Configurations
  • Position Repeatability
    • Radial Axis ±0.001” (±0.025 mm)
    • Theta Axis ±0.01 degrees
    • Z Axis ±0.001” (±0.025 mm)
  • Continuous 360° rotation for high throughput
  • Direct Drive System for well balanced and smooth motion
  • Z Axis Vacuum Counter Balance
    • Rapid Z movement
    • Reduced long term wear
    • High positional accuracy through robots working life
  • Minimum force movement and obstruction sensing
  • Off Center Pick and Place
  • High resolution optical encoders on all axes
  • Supports 50mm to 300mm wafer applications
  • Substrates in addition to silicon wafers
    • Squares and Rectangles
    • Transparent Materials: Glass, Quartz, SiC
    • Warped Wafers
    • Thin Wafers
    • Wafer Carriers
  • Through Beam Wafer Mapping
  • Position Self Teach Functionality
  • Single and Dual Arm configurations
  • No preventive maintenance (PM) requirements
  • Reliability – MCBF 10 Million Cycles
  • Low-Cost-of-Ownership

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