WFH - Wafer Handling Robot

High-throughput/high-reliability random access cylindrical coordinate system Wafer Handling Robot

Features – Wafer Handling Robot WFH Series

  • Reliability proven in over two decades of semiconductor equipment wafer handler applications – 10,000 hour MTBF
  • Real-time force-sensing on all axes for operator and wafer safety
  • Cleanliness surpassing Class 1, semiconductor equipment requirements
  • Wafer handler robot with unmatched throughput, precision, reliability
  • Easy-to-use high-level commands; self-teaching; extensive fault and recovery intelligence
  • Integral or off-axis prealigner/barcode reader
  • Direct optical encoding of all axes yields wafer placement repeatability better than 0.1 mil
  • Available 3″ to 8″ semiconductor wafer capability with no electromechanical change overs
  • Integrates with Kensington’s extensive architecture of precision motion control equipment – you can
  • construct tightly integrated, supportable automated wafer handling robot systems economically

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