Precision Motion Control Motorized Rotary Stage

Precision rotary stages without backlash or hysteresis


Kensington’s Motorized rotary stages have addressed the needs for precision motion control for more than a quarter century. The Motorized rotary stages are versatile and used individually, and integrated with Kensington linear stages to make precision motion control X-Y-Θ and X-Y-Z-Θ stage systems. The stage positions samples quickly with precision and repeatably.

Features – Motorized Rotary Stage

  • Smooth rapid movement immune to linkage backlash
  • Hysteresis and wear eliminated by non-contacting read-head design
  • Real-time force-sensing with programmable soft limits for safe operation
  • EMO features halts motion immediately
  • System initialization not required to restart after EMO
  • Quite operation without resonances or excessive heat
  • No PID parameter tuning with high step-and-settle performance via mechanical controls and design
  • Easy to use command structure
  • Resolution of 0.0003°
  • Bi-directional repeatability of 0.0006°
  • Velocity range: 0.003 °/s to 200 °/s
  • Wobble: 20 µrad

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