Custom Stages - Wafer Stages & Precision Motion Control

XYZ Stage and Rotary Stage Motion solutions customized for a wide range of applications.


Kensington’s XYZ stages and rotary stages stages have addressed the needs for precision motion control, for more than a quarter century, semiconductor wafer stages and photonic device applications. In addition to standard products Kensington has delivered customized precision motion control designs for a wide range of applications.

Customized designs range from modifications of existing products to completely new designs and the integration of 3rd party components including quartz substrate and non-silicon semiconductor wafer stages.

Customization Examples

  • Modifications of existing product
    • Top plate redesign
    • Change of motor type or location
  • Unique integration requirements
    • 100% Kensington Components
    • Blended component designs
      • Piezo Electric Stage integration
      • Stepper Motors
    • Z-Wedge for heavy payload applications
  • Customizes Sample Holders and Chucks
    • Shape requirements
    • Temperature requirements
    • Sensor requirements

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