Pre Aligners

Wafer Aligner Field Proven in HVM Operations


Kensington’s Pre Aligners have a long history of operation in semiconductor wafer fabrication. Several configurations of wafer aligners are available that support wafer sizes from 50 mm to 300 mm. The pre aligner technology is available in stand alone units as well as integrated directly into robots. The alignment technology is used for opaque as well as transparent materials and the wafer aligner supports substrates that are not round. Pre Aligners are used across the semiconductor equipment spectrum: Metrology Systems; Deposition Systems; Etch Systems; Reticle Process Systems; Thermal Processing Systems.


  • Rotational Accuracy < 2 arc sec
  • Centration Accuracy < 0.002” (0.051 mm)
  • Supports Transparent Substrates
    • Glass and Quartz
    • Plastic
    • SiC
  • Throughput of up to 450 WPH
  • Accurately measures location and orientation in a single rotation for high throughput
  • All combinations of SEMI standard wafers are supported
  • Station Self Teach Functionality

Standard Configurations

Design Wafer Size Size Change Adjustment
Single Axis
Single CCD
100 mm to 300 mm Manual
Single Axis
Dual CCD
200mm and 300 mm Automatic
Dual Axis
Single CCD
100 mm to 300 mm Automatic
Integrated Designs 50 mm to 300 mm Automatic and Manual


  • Small wafers: 50 mm to 100 mm
  • Transparent Substrates
  • Thin Wafer
  • Edge Grip
  • Crown/Taiko Wafers

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