Gantry Stage Precision Motion Control System

Gantry stage platforms designed to meet a wide range of high speed and precision applications.

Gantry Stage
Gantry Stage Systems


Kensington’s gantry stage platforms provide superior performance and flexibility with highly customizable/configurable precision motion control packages. Designs can be modified to meet acceleration, velocity, and travel range requirements with high precision performance.


  • Gantry Stage Systems
  • Smooth rapid precision motion control movement immune to linkage backlash
  • Hysteresis and wear eliminated by non-contacting read-head design
  • Real-time force-sensing with programmable soft limits for safe operation
  • EMO features halts motion immediately
  • System initialization not required to restart after EMO
  • Quite operation without resonances or excessive heat
  • No PID parameter tuning with high step-and-settle performance via mechanical controls and design
  • Rapid movement with minimal settling times at high precision
  • Solid light weight machined Aluminum for strong rigid back bone
  • Option for granite super structure and platform
  • Precision preloaded and sealed cage bearings for high velocity and acceleration performance
  • Optical encoders to meet precision positioning requirements
  • Low cost-of-ownership
  • Integration with Kensington’s full stage product line.

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