Integrated Precision X-Y-Z-Θ Stages

Integrated XYZ stage and rotary stage solutions to meet precision motion control requirements without backlash or hysteresis.

Integrated StagesXYZ StageRotary Stage


Kensington’s integrated precision xyzΘ stage and rotary stage solutions have addressed the needs for precision motion control for more than a quarter century. The multiple axis stages position samples, silicon wafers and photonic devices, quickly with precision and repeatably.

Integrated photonic and wafer stage designs range from dual axis to 4 axis (x, y, z, Θ) designs. Vertical axis designs utilize the Mini-z stage for small movements or can be fully integrated with vacuum ballast z-wedge for long travel and heavy pay loads.


  • Integrated precision xyzΘ stage & rotary stage systems
  • Wafer Handling Stages
  • Smooth rapid movement immune to linkage backlash
  • Hysteresis and wear eliminated by non-contacting read-head design
  • Real-time force-sensing with programmable soft limits for safe operation
  • EMO features halts motion immediately
  • System initialization not required to restart after EMO
  • Quite operation without resonances or excessive heat
  • No PID parameter tuning with high step-and-settle performance via mechanical controls and design
  • Vacuum ballast Z Wedge designs for smooth and precise vertical movement
  • Heavy payload capability for vertical movement over long distances

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