Field Proven in HVM Operations and Customizable for unique and demanding applications demands


Kensington’s Robot End-Effectors have a long history of operation in semiconductor wafer fabrication. Several of Kensington’s End-Effector innovations have advanced wafer processing capability. These include 300mm Edge-Grip for reduce particle performance and Through Beam Technology for wafer mapping. End-Effectors are used across the semiconductor equipment spectrum: Metrology Systems; Deposition Systems; Etch Systems; Reticle Process Systems; Thermal Processing Systems.


  • Edge Grip End-Effector
  • Vacuum Grip End-Effector
  • Through Beam : Vacuum Grip and Edge Grip end-effectors
  • Thin Wafer Vacuum End-Effector
  • High Temperature Applications
  • Square Substrate Handling with Through Beam
  • Transparent Substrate Handling with Through Beam
  • Custom configurations for a wide range of applications, vacuum end-effectors
  • Wafer sizes 50 mm to 300 mm
  • Crown/Taiko Wafer Designs

End-Effectors are available for use on multiple robot types as well as for manual wafer handling applications.

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