Contract Manufacturing Services Stages

Use kensington to outsource production at your stages and gain an experienced partner that will improve product performance and reduce cost.


Kensington provides contract manufacturing services for stages in addition to manufacturing its own products. Customers gain both a technical and commercial benefit using Kensington for outsource production at stages. Commercial benefits include: variable cost work force; no inventory cost; variable cost experience engineering team & procurement. Technical benefits include Kensington’s history and experience in manufacturing highly reliable precision automation products.

  • Experienced contract service supplier
    • NPI/Small Volume/Production
    • Experienced manufacturing and test technicians
    • Many Tier 1 customers
    • Stages and controllers
  • Engineering Support
  • Procurement Service
  • Available repair service
  • Experienced

Contact Kensington today to learn how to benefit from the Contract Manufacturing Service for outsource production of precision stages