Kensington Laboratories Celebrates 10 year Anniversary

Kensington Laboratories Celebrates 10 year Anniversary.

December 15, 2015

Kensington Laboratories celebrated the 10th anniversary of it divestiture from Newport Corporation and operations as a privately held corporation.

During the 10 years Kensington has continued to serve the semiconductor capital equipment market with precision automation solutions. Applications for Kensington’s precision automation solutions have expanded into new markets such as semiconductor packaging, laser micro-machining, microscopy and additive manufacturing.

Over the 10 years Kensington has expanded customer service and support globally to work directly with end-users. This expansion includes growth of the repair and refurbishment service to support the long operating life, 20 to 50 years, for Kensington’s products and establishing Kensington Certified spare parts program. Kensington Certified Spare Parts guarantee users that the repairs are made with new current revision components by approved service providers.

Kensington looks forward to the next 10 years supporting its current customers and expanding into new markets and applications.


Raj Kaul, President and CEO

Kensington Laboratories, LLC is a privately held company located in Dublin California with more than 30 years of experience providing innovative and robust precision automation solutions from R&D to high volume manufacturing in multiple industrial markets. The company continues to contribute to the growth in precision automation for several mature industries such as semiconductor wafer processing, microscopy and instrumentation as well as emerging industries like laser micro-machining, additive manufacturing and leading edge university and industrial research.

The company’s standard product offerings include MultiLink™ and WH-series robots, Edge Grip products, low-contact PEEK pre-aligners, automatic door openers, Load Port products, Proformix™ front-end modules, precision linear and rotary states and precision integrated stages. The company also provides custom designed application-specific automation products, plus engineering and manufacturing services.