Keep up to date on the documentation for your Kensington products :
Kensington Robots – MultiLink and WFH; Kensington 6000 and 8500 stage systems; Newport PM500 stage systems; ADO™ FOUP Load Port


Kensington maintains a complete library of documentation to support customers for the long life expectancy of its products. Copies of the documents are available to support customers and their continued optimal use of robots and stages.

Available Documents

  • Product Operations Manuals
  • Kensington Robot – MultiLink Wafer Handling Robot
  • Kensington Robot – WFH, Wafer Handler Robot
  • Kensington 6000; 8500 stages
  • ADO 300 mm FOUP Load Port
  • Newport PM500 stages
  • Training Courses
  • Procedures
    • Product Tuning
    • Field Replacement
    • Packing for shipment
    • Maintenance procedures and schedules
  • Applications Notes
  • Product Bulletins
  • Upgrade & Enhancement Availability: Kensington Robots, Kensington Stages, Newport PM500 Stages, ADO Foup Load Port

Contact Kensington Customer Service Group to find the correct training program for Kensington Robots, Newport PM500 stages, Kensington 6000 & 8500 stages