Performix™ Equipment Front-End Module (EFEM)

EFEM configurable for a wide range of semiconductor substrate processing applications

EFEM Module
Equipment Front End Module
Equipment Front-End Module


Performix™ EFEM is an integrated sub-system for a wide range of semiconductor process applications, and had been deployed in the following applications areas Metrology; Dry Wafer Processing; Wet Wafer Processing; Lithography; Wafer Level Packaging. The EFEM is configurable for different wafer sizes as well as different substrate shapes and formats while using the BOLTS interface.


  • Unibody frame for simple and sturdy foundation
  • Configurable using Kensington full line of MultiLink Robots, Pre-Aligners and FOUP Load Ports
  • SEMI Complaint and CE Certified
  • Three sizes – 2 FOUP Wide, 3 FOUP Wide and 4 FOUP Wide
  • BOLTS interface for ADO as well as alternative substrate handling platforms
  • Class 1 Cleanliness
  • Options
    • BOLTS interface for non-wafer applications
    • BOLTS interface for small wafer applications
    • Chemical Filtration
    • AMHS Options
    • Programmable lights, light tower and buttons

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