Company History – Innovation & Leadership for Wafer Handling Robots and Precision Motion Control

About Kensington Laboratories

A HISTORY OF INNOVATION & LEADERSHIP IN ROBOTICS & PRECISION MOTION CONTROL providing solutions for a lifetime of high-performance automation

Since 1976, Kensington Laboratories, LLC has designed, developed and manufactured innovative automation and precision motion control solutions for a broad range of industrial, scientific and academic applications.

Delivering innovative and robust technical solutions, wafer handling robots and precision stages

Kensington is a leading supplier of wafer handling robots, precision motion control, linear stages, rotary stages and integrated stages designed to meet the most demanding requirements. The systems combine nanometer-scale-precision and fine-resolution capabilities with robust performance to meet customers’ needs for high reliability, long operational life and low cost-of-ownership. One unique feature of Kensington robots and stages is the Zero Backlash design, which delivers precise positioning and enhanced repeatability.

A long history of innovation and reliability in wafer handling robots and precision motion control has resulted in a large base of Kensington robots and precision stages serving a wide range of industries; semiconductor equipment is one of the major sectors. Today the company continues to meet the needs of customers with proven technology that transcends industries and customers’ product lifetimes. Legacy applications for mature markets are supported, as well as new applications for emerging markets such as 3-D printing/additive manufacturing and small particle profiling/mapping.

Maximizing equipment ROI

Kensington wafer handling robots and precision stages are designed for extended operating lifetimes and customers are well supported with spare parts, repairs and refurbishments to extend operating live and minimize operational and capital expense.

The company is located in Dublin, CA, at the heart of technological innovation.

Kensington Laboratories is a Trusted Partner to Tier 1 Customers in Precision-Driven Markets:

  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • IC Manufacturing
  • Silicon Photonics
  • Laser Processing
  • Metrology Instrumentation
  • Aerospace
  • Scientific R&D
  • University Research