Automatic Door Opener™ (ADO) – FOUP Load Port

300 mm Wafer FOUP Load Port with Proven HVM Wafer Handling Performance


  • FOUP door opener Preventive Maintenance Not Required
    • Lubrication free lead screw and bearings
    • Alignment of door and advance plate not required
  • FOUP Load Port Fully compatible with all SEMI Standard FOUPs
  • DSP controlled electro-mechanical/pneumatic closed-loop servos for precise repeatable motion
  • Smooth pod advance with precision motion
  • SEMI Complaint, RoHS Complaint and CE Certified
  • Class 1 Cleanliness
  • Options
    • Wafer mapping with Kensington’s proven Through-Beam technology
    • Scanners: RFID; IRID; Barcode; OCR
    • AMHS Options
    • Programmable lights and buttons

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