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300mm FOUP Load Port for Automated Wafer Handling
Kensington Laboratories, LLC, an industry leader in advanced robotic automation, offers the Automatic Door Opener™ (ADO), a 300mm Load Port designed for today’s rigorous wafer isolation and fab requirements. The ADO offers a host of patented, unique design features which combine to provide superior operational speed, cleanliness, reliability, and integration flexibility for loading and unloading SEMI standard 300mm FOUPs. Kensington Laboratories’ ADO is proven in volume manufacturing at major 300mm production fabs and is backed by Kensington’s global service and support network.

    Interoperability: Fully compatible with all SEMI standard FOUPs.

    Cleanliness: ISO Class 1 particle performance when integrated in class 100 or better

    Reliability: Robust design combined with precision assembly achieves superior dependability       and lifetime performance.

    Zero Preventative Maintenance: Superior precision design requires no periodic lubrication       or re-alignment.

    Repeatability: Industry leading design utilizes DSP controlled electro-mechanical/pneumatic       closed-loop servos for precise repeatable motion.

    Wafer Mapping: High performance through-beam wafer mapping option allows fast, accurate       wafer detection.

    Fab Customization: Configurable features include programmable lights, buttons, carrier ID,       and AMHS options.

    Compliance: SEMI, S2, S8, CE, and F47 compliant.

    Bridge Tool: 200mm wafer operation (with insert @10mm pitch).





Wafer size/capacity

300 mm/25



Load height

900 mm, adjustable ± 10 mm



Height without carriage

1374 mm




470 mm




591.5 mm



Weight (with carriage)

Approx. 75 kg



Noise level @ 1 m

< 62 dB



FOUP type

SEMI standard E47.1-0697 and E62



FOUP sensors

Placement and Present



FOUP load to open time

6.90 sec., 7.95.sec. with mapper



FOUP load to unload time

5.95 sec., 7.75 sec. with mapper



FOUP clamping

Active independent center lock



Docking motion

70 mm




< 0.1 mm



Electronic unit

Microcontroller, Flash Firmware up-loadable




Serial, ASCII, 9 pin D-Sub



Utility Connections




Electrical power supply

96 watt max @ idle, 240 watts peak, 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz standard, +24VDC optional

Compressed air (input)

Min. 60 psi, Max. 145 psi (relative) oil-free purified < 5 µm


< 1 m3/h for 10 cycles/hour




One-touch fitting for 1/4" tubing




None required




ISO Class 1 operation




(when operating in Class 100 or better environment)



Ambient Conditions





Operation: +15 to +25°C (58 to 77°F)




Transport: -25 to +55°C (-13 to 131°F)




Operation: 10% to 95% rel. humidity




Transportation 5% to 95% rel. humidity





Operation: Class 100 or better on operator side



Specification Compliance*





300 mm Cassette


300 mm Cart Docking


300 mm Tool Load Port


AMHS Parallel I/O Interface


300 mm Boxes and Pods




Kinematic Couplings


Electrical Voltage Sag Standard


300 mm FIMS


Safety Guidelines


BOLTS Interface


EMC, LVD, and MD Directives

Complies to applicable portion of industry standards with some intentional exceptions taken for    improved performance and interoperability.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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